A hub for community-driven relief efforts

The distro is an autonomous space for relief teams, medics, and community volunteers working to support those struggling against the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian with mutual aid. In these moments, we can't rely on the state to provide for us. We keep us safe!


The Mutual Aid Disaster Distro is an autonomous space for organizing mutual aid relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disaster. Within the warehouse, volunteers can find like-minded friends to work along side with, share initiatives, and help develop projects to support those most affected by the storm. Here's what a regular day inside of the distro can look like:

The MAD Distro is not an "organization" - volunteers won't find a top-down command structure here, and no one will be handing you your marching orders for the day. It's best instead to understand the distro as a communal open space, one where there are always tasks to be done or possibilities to explore. What matters here is a willingness to take the initiative when you see something that needs doing, horizontal communication so that folks know what you're working on, and a desire to begin your own support projects. Nor is anyone here a "professional." The vast majority of people coming through the space have never done this kind of work before, but through sharing experience, skills, and our time, we're learning how we can support each other and survivors of the storm together.

From Hurricane Harvey in Houston to Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico, experience proves that this method of organizing works significantly better than state institutions like FEMA. In the aftermath of Florence, volunteers working within the space and across a network of groups have helped move tens of thousands of supplies across the state of so-called North Carolina. We've coordinated shipments in Wilmington, Lumberton, Kinston/New Bern, Duplin, Clinton, Brunswick, and other areas that lie in the flood plains. We've been able to do this through building a network of drop-sites, pickup and box trucks, motorboats, and even airplanes.

This space is dedicated towards mutual aid, not charity. Those affected by the floodwaters know exactly what they need, and our efforts are aimed at listening to those voices, building connections with them, and supporting them as they ask us to. An extremely long history of systemic racism has taught us that in times like these, we cannot count on the state to support us or others who are marginalized. We've prioritized reaching out to indigenous communities, working-class people of color, migrant farm-worker communities, and the rural poor. We keep us safe!


We’re live again! And we’ve moved.

Please bring items from the list below to our central hub at 105 Hood St, Durham NC between 8am and 8pm or to one of the drop-off sites listed below. We will get all donated items to Hurricane impacted communities, sending them out as quickly as they are requested. Our focus is on serving those most in need, those lacking the resources to purchase provisions themselves, and those not adequately served by large government or national non-profit relief efforts.

Donation Links

Drop Sites

Here is a list of additional drop-sites across the state where you can leave donations:

Supply Needs



Nonperishable, shelf-stable food items

(cans + manual can opener, protein bars, etc.)

Food appropriate for a Mexican, Honduran or el Salvadoran diet

(maza flour, beans, adobo, sweet high calorie foods, sprite, fruit cups, tortillas, canned vegetables, bags of rice)


Adult, kids, & baby clothes

Plastic bins

Travel sized toothpaste

Bug spray


Pregnancy tests

Toiletries including dental supplies, shampoo

Tampons and pads


(child and adult)

Baby formula

Baby bottles

(new in packaging)

Wet wipes

Underwear, socks, and sports bras


First aid supplies and factory sealed medicines, esp. Insulin

Cleaning supplies

Bed pillows and blankets



Work gloves, utility and latex/nitrile gloves

Batteries & USB backup batteries for charging phones

Trash bags, heavy duty clean up bags

General construction tools, equipment, safety equipment, safety clothes, work boots

Respirators with filters


Gas Jugs

Urgent Needs



Trying to get involved in the space? Tell us how you'd like to help!

Can we text you? Yes No
Do you speak Spanish? Yes No
Are you willing to:
Open another distro space
Drive loads east
Pickup from our donation drops
Move boxes/heavy things
Sort donations
Start a drive or drop-off
Bring food/coffee for volunteers

Also, please consider volunteering with the Episcopal Farm Worker Ministry to help affected migrant worker camps in Dunn.